We turn life into play

Whether you’re looking to make a game, teach through games, attract customers with a gamified UX/UI, or create a metaversal experience in VR/AR/360, we’d love to help make your world a more engaging place!

Our activity

We teach

Since 2017, our team of pedagogical engineers has taught game design to over 600 students, from 5 different continents, aged 8 – 56 years, in settings from workshops for kids who’ve dropped out of school to Masters-level university courses. We employ a learner-centered, learning-by-doing, positive-reinforcement-heavy approach to empower our students and take the fear out of failure.

We create

We make virtual, non-interactive experiences, like music videos and virtual fashion shows. We make non-virtual, interactive experiences, like escape games and board games. We make virtual, interactive experiences, like games in VR, AR, and web. We just like to make — maybe something for you ?

We gamify

We weave game principles into everything we do — UX/UI, virtual visits of galleries, educational programs — to bring a little extra fun & interactivity. Whatever your project, we’d love to work with you to make it more engaging!